Concierge Services

What is a Care Concierge?

Aside from care, often there are details that can be overlooked.  For example, bills still need to be paid, appointments made and arrangements for transportation all still need to happen. A care concierge can assist with non-care services that often slip through the cracks.  Whether it's a single simple errand that's on a timeline, or routine tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis, we can be there to help! 



We can collaborate with physicians and other professionals involved in your loved one's care to schedule appointments and ensure transportation is arranged. We can even accompany them to the appointment if that is required.


Does the house need paint, landscaping trimmed or the dog needs walked?  Daily maintenance issues can be time-consuming and difficult to keep up with.  We can ensure that your maintenance needs are scheduled regularly with a qualified professional.  

Bill Paying

You have enough to manage without having to worry about whether utilities or the rent has been paid.  We can help organize and manage your loved ones routine bill payments to ensure everything is taken care of!

Recreation and Travel

If you or your loved one just need to get out more often to stay active, we can help.  Whether it's scheduling a months worth of local activities or making plans for an extended vacation, we can assist with arrangements for transportation, reservations and a caregiver if needed.  

Friendly Visitor

Sometimes all you really need is a friendly face and some interesting conversation to brighten your day.  We can arrange for routine visits and activity planning, which provides socialization, keeps your loved one active and gives you a regular update on your their status.  


The typical errand runs we take for granted can become much more difficult to accomplish later in life, but they still need to be done.  Whether you need arrangements for grocery runs, household items, or a courier service, we can make it happen!